Initial Consultation
This is where we discuss your needs and exchange ideas on the best way forward for your new website.
We will provide example possible designs to assist the process.
Service Initiation
Once you are happy that our services will fill your requirements and expectations,
The setup payment is transferred which
marks the start of the design phase.
Development Portal
The central point for the exchange of ideas, design options & general contact moving forward.
Everything will reside in one secure place for your control & convenience.
Website Beta
This will be the first opportunity to see a first iteration of your new website.
At this stage design and content will be added, amended or removed given your feedback. This helps ensure the final design is exactly what you envisaged for your business.
Final Design and Testing
This final design stage will take your feedback from the previous stage and implement all required changes.
A final round of testing will then be undertaken to confirm the stability and functionality of the site.
Launch Day!
Launching your new website is given as much care as the previous design stage.
At this point we will discuss your preferred date for deployment and ensure the transition from your existing site to your new site is as seamless as possible.
Support and Maintenance
This next stage may be unseen to our customers, however it’s just as crucial as the design phase.
Here we place your new website into a support status where the following are some of the tasks performed to ensure your online Dental Practice website remains as healthy as your physical business.

-Software updates & Patching
-Daily Backups
-Website Uptime Monitoring
-Server Monitoring & Updates

Moving Forward
Following the launch you are now able to concentrate fully on your core business
…without needing to worry about your website functionality, upkeep, maintenance, security or requirements in case of failure (as may have been the case in the past).
Welcome to team Webisty!