It Simply Works.

A belt and braces approach to your dental practice website.

When looking to host your own practice website or arranging to have a third party host it for you, it’s only natural to worry that all contingencies are considered. 

What happens if a server experiences hardware failure or is compromised in some other way?

Are backups taken, and if so, how often? How would my business be impacted if the website was offline due to a failure and how quickly could I get it back online?

These are all natural questions when dealing with a crucial business website, and they can consume a great deal of your time. However Webisty aims to change this and ensure that you no longer need to ask or worry about these questions.

It’s not simple, we know. But with Webisty, It SIMPLY WORKS.


Anti Hack

A web application Firewall is updated throughout the year ensuring your website remains safe and accessible



Backups of your website are taken daily


Offsite Backup

A second separate backup is taken daily and stored in a separate location to the first


Power Redundancy

Your website server is powered by multiple power feeds & backup power generators


Hardware Redundancy

Spare server parts and entire server replacements are on hand in the event of hardware failure


Server Monitoring

Servers are monitored constantly for outages and any signs of potential future problems


Solid State Drives

Your website will be stored on solid state drives, less prone to failure than standard hard disks. Not to mention faster


Proactive Updates

Security patches are applied regularly to ensure your website remains safe

We mention the above so that you know your Dental Practice website has the support it needs

But once you get onboard with Websity, we ensure your time is spent running your business and not your website.